Tekoa Missions

All-around education for mission

Here, at Tekoa Missions, we want to help you understand your calling and find your place in God’s work. There are three major components of our program that I want you to know of right away. The first is our personalized incubator program. We help you understand your calling, start your business or ministry, and mentor you while you are still a student missionary at Tekoa. Secondly, we have this wonderful program now where students can take their medical missionary training and become Traditional Naturopaths, Wholistic Doctors and the like. This empowers the medical missionary to open their own practice and support themselves in the work and not simply fade back into society. Lastly, you must know that evangelism is the heart beat of our missionary program. We love people and we love souls. Our training is designed that you may be an Optimal Medical Missionary, impacting society for good and sharing the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.